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David Bowie A Wake Up Call

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Last week, the incredible David Bowie left this world with a bang. The night before the news came out of his his passing, I was sitting up alone gathering myself, reflecting on the strength and perseverance of David Bowie. Literally, the thoughts going through my head were somehow about how to keep going creatively like Bowie. So crazy that his last work "Blackstar" was released on his birthday as he left the world 2 days later???  How someone could be so prolific. How someone could dig deep and reinvent themselves again and again. How someone could have such a huge influence on so many modern cultural changes ranging from gender roles to inter-racial relationships to fashion... As the photos, old interviews and the last video Bowie made emerged on all my news feeds, it was beautiful to see how many of us were so touched by the message of his life. When I saw the video for "Lazarus", I was jaw dropped. He literally prepared for his death like we talk about in yoga philosophy or like a great pharaoh preparing for the afterlife.

Whenever I don't know what to do, I put on "Life On Mars", "Bewlay Brothers" or "Changes". Those lyrics always transport me. New ideas bubble up after the self-doubts subside. When I learned he had left this realm, I reflected on how many times I had turned to his music for inspiration and solace from the mundane. The first time I heard "Space Oddity" on the classic rock station when I was 14 and was riveted. How many times had his music acted as a guiding force through changing circumstances. So many times!  His music continuously lifted me out of many a funk and showed another way of thinking without ever coming across as cliche or a pity party. Beyond all the glitz, there was a philosopher and cultural commentator who showed that being different is desirable but you have to be brave enough to step out of the norm and shine. Easier said than done.

So somehow in the midst of making pants and preparing for selling at Abi Ferrin and opening the flood gates to the Ebullire online store, I decided I really needed to throw a tribute dance party. In my spare time and all. Ha. Glad we did it! Jonas Park opened up his beautiful Second Side Yoga Studio and we danced like crazy!

After all that sewing, blowing off some steam was an excellent idea. Will be organizing dance parties like that more often! Back in the 80's, my sister and I hosted many a dance party for our friends. It felt so good to connect with creative peeps like back at Arts Magnet again. So great to get a group of enthusiastic, eccentric folks together who are not afraid to get experimental on the dance floor and don't need someone else to set the tone for them or tell them it is cool. A breath of fresh air.

Excited to continue proceeding on this mission to pursue my long overdue clothing design business aspirations with such amazing people around me supporting it. Every time someone slips into a pair of Ebullire pants and makes a little gasping noise and starts admiring their silhouette in the mirror, I feel so re-energized and excited to start cutting more fabric. 

A new color came in my latest fabric shipment that I look forward to sharing soon!

Truly, in more ways than I can count, David Bowie was a huge influence on my life, style, fearless dancing background in NYC and the vision for the designs I am producing now.

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