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Ebullire bubbled up in my life after a trip to Cartegena, Colombia in Spring 2015. The bright, colorful fashions got me really inspired to add a splash of prints and more flowing fabrics back into my wardrobe. It also spurred me to return to my first love. Fashion! Making clothes and styling outfits was a big part of my life before yoga teaching happened to me.

For several years, there was this little piece of paper sitting in my desk drawer with all my special pens and it said ebullire - to bubble up. I no longer remember when I wrote it down or how many times I looked at it and thought, I will get to that one day when I have more time. I suspect it trickled into my drawer at some years after reading an article in Paper Magazine saying that Jivamukti teachers are ebullient and will whirl up your inner fire. It could also have to do with my teacher, Sharon Gannon, explaining Laxshmi as bubbly and charming, as someone who effortlessly bubbles across the tumultuous waves of life. Somewhere in the mix bubbled up my inspiration.

Here we are in October and I have been working on my initial pants design since March 2015. At first it was total mad scientist crazy town. I put myself on a deadline to bring some with me on our recent trip to Budapest, Venice and NYC. Late nights of overwhelming inspiration and a desire to see the ideas come to life, finally calmed into a balance with teaching and practicing yoga. It had been a long time since anything got me this pumped. It also reminded me how yoga practice balances things out and how I first started practicing in NYC when I was still working in fashion to reduce the mania. It all comes full circle. HA.

So here we are 7 months later and I have had chance to road test my ideas in Europe and NYC. Unveiling them on my travels felt magical. What better way to check out how they feel, behave and hold up? A few key people whose opinions I deeply respect were all very encouraging so now I am officially starting my first round of production. A dream come true.

For me, fashion has always been an expression of communication and individuality. I have always wanted to create a line that had the quality of being beautiful, highly functional, versatile and transitional. Day to evening. Work to gym. On and on.




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